With 15 years in recruitment consultancy behind her, Holly retrained as a life coach and trainer-facilitator. In that time, she has moved her family across continents, cities and suburbs and learnt what it takes to unstuff her life.

Decluttering and professional organising became the obvious next step for her – she'd been doing it for her friends for years before turning it into a career.

Every day is spring cleaning day in Holly's house. She is a regular contributor to the local op shop and has taught her young children about the 20:80 rule.

Lynne was born in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and has worked there as an art teacher, primary school teacher and life coach for the past 20 years.

Lynne used to live in chaos so understands the frustration of wasted hours searching for stuff underneath more stuff. Yet she learnt the discipline of unstuffing, it transformed her life and inspired her to do the same for others through professional organising.

Because of her art and design background, Lynne has an eye for putting a room back into order, whilst still allowing the personality of the space to shine through.

Unstuff operates from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Please contact us for bookings across Sydney.

Holly Whale 0409 532 436 holly@unstuff.com.au

Lynne Trevail 0409 544 530 lynne@unstuff.com.au